Year 6’s final celebration event at North Wheatley C of E Primary

Year 6 pupils loved their special day when they enjoyed pizza at Pizza Express Doncaster followed by a game of bowling! Mrs Bailey and I were so proud of pupils’ mature attitude, their manners and their ability to bring the best out in each other. What an amazing team they are! Thank you Year 6 for being wonderful young adults, we are so proud of all you have achieved.

Super scientists at work…

Year 5 pupils spent the day in the science labs at Tuxford Academy finding out how to use identify whether substances are acid or alkaline based, examining different fibres using microscopes, calculating the height of a person from their footprint and testing soil samples. They then used these skills as Crime Scene Investigators to identify who might have stolen the Tuxford leopard. Well done year 5 you not only solved the crime but you also learnt lots in the process! #PQSM

Planning an Ancient Egyptian Theme Park

Year 5 pupils have been highly engaged in their planning of an Ancient Egyptian Theme Park! They have spent up to £4 million developing, amongst others, ‘Cleopatra’s Kingdom’, ‘Pyramid Paradise’ and ‘The Egyptian Extravaganza’. Each ride cost a given amount to construct and pupils were expected to find their total spend. Leave a post to tell us the name of some of your rides and how much of your budget you had left.

Our Egyptian Learning Journey so far…

Class three have gathered their learning by working in groups and working on a range of apps to show what we have learnt in our Ancient Egyptian topic so far. (Alex, Ben, Charlie, Alasdair)

We have been making some incredible outfits for Tutankhamen and Cleopatra throughout the term and when they were finished put on a Egyptian fashion show. (Eva, Joe, Daniel, Quinlan, Freya, Owen, Cowan, Nicole)

We learnt how to mummify a pharaoh and we sang a song about it which we performed to the rest of school. (Toby, Jacob, Hallie, Neve, Tom, Travis)

Year 5 made Dulcis Coccora, Cleopatra’s favorite dessert. Year 6 made pitta bread served with a mint dip, as well ad Dulcis Coccora. We learnt how to be hygenic in the kitchen by washing our hands and stayed safe by staying away from the oven when it was on and using equipment correctly. (Summer, Maddy, Ani, Lewis, Josh, Georgia)

Year 6 and 5 have been learning about timelines. Year 5 set off in groups to do various activities, coming all together at the end to share their big timeline. Meanwhile, year 6 came together and completed a timeline using the Children’s University of Manchester website to record events in chronological order. (Harrison, Holly, Amy, Toby, Callum)

Class Three's Egyptian Journey from Heather Sharpe on Vimeo.

Class three have worked really hard this half term, engaging in many practical and hand-on activities linked to our topic ‘Ancient Egyptians’. From mummifying and cooking to dress design and fashion shows, we have seen it all. It has been wonderful to see the diverse skills our pupils have alongside a growing confidence to perform and share learning in such creative ways. Keep up the hard work class three.
Miss Sharpe